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We see law practice as the way of helping our clients to freely act within a democratic society, in order to move their lives forward.



“Our firm has significant experience in cases of compensation law, including cases of claims for damages arising from traffic accidents, breach of contracts and tortuous behavior”.


“Our firm is constantly dealing with all cases of bankruptcy procedures. In particular, we have assisted our clients in cases of bankruptcy, special liquidation and special administration as well as in cases of every form of debt restructuring”.

Civil and Commercial Law

“The firm provides legal services in all cases of Civil Law, including law of sales and leases, real estate and property differences, family and inheritance law. It also handles cases of Commercial Law, with a particular focus on corporate law, trademark and industrial property law and law of securities”.

Claim Collection

“The firm provides legal services in the field of claim collection, having particular experience in all forced recovery procedures. Representing both creditors and debtors, our lawyers are able to handle all tools and methods that law provides”.

Private Insurance

“Our firm has extensive experience in private insurance law cases. Apart from car accident cases and claims arising against insurance companies due to the, the firm is experienced in all life and non-life insurance cases”.

Public Law

“Our firm has a significant experience in various public law cases and inter alia tax law cases and social security law cases, environmental law cases and cases of non-contractual liability of the State and of Public Entities”.

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